Robust touchscreen GBTouch


This top-class industrial stationary terminal with large touch screen is an excellent solution not only for industrial applications.

GBTouch is "All in One" industrial LED Full HD stationary touch screen multimedia terminal to display manufacture documentation and to inform about production cycles finalization, including connection and communication with interactive information systems. We guarantee that the system will occupy only minimal space at your production environment due to its compact, but robust structure. Various selectable touch-up technologies of the terminal will secure maximum comfort for your application handling. No less important advantage of this unit is its minimal power consumption and structure made from components with longevity in hard industrial environment.

Paperless production in Siemens Electric motors Frenštát plant


Features and characteristics

  • All-in-One
    GBTouch is equipped with an energy-saving LED display, built-in single-board computer and the operating system Windows 7 Embedded.
  • Designed for a demanding environments
    All hardware components are designed for the demanding industrial environments and continuous/non-stop operation.
  • Durable structure and display
    Display GBTouch is protected against damage by a safety glass. The whole GBTouch is protected by all-steel body of own production.
  • Low electric power consumption
    GBTouch is constructed of energy-efficient hardware components.
  • Practical compact design
    The tailor-made fit requires only a minimum of space at a workplace.
  • Quick Start System
    A PC Client equipped with an SSD disc, which ensures a quick start of the system, is a part of the GBTouch terminal.
  • Easy upgrade
    In case of increased demands for hardware (hard disc, RAM) the components can be easily replaced or supplemented.
  • Distinctive color
    A high-visibility colour of a screen cover/case and a supporting structure can be chosen in accordance with the customer wish. A durable powder paint KOMAXIT is used for the surface treatment.
  • Innovations
    We are constantly working on structure innovation and improvement as well as implementation of the latest hardware technologies.
  • Service
    A guarantee as well as the post-warranty service are taken for granted.
  • The Czech product
    GBTouch is manufactured in our headquarters in Ostrava.
  • Large selection of accessories and equipment
    The GBTouch offers a large scale of optional accessories, which can be chosen of, such as: barcode scanner, employee card reader (RFID), the numeric keypad, ESET security software, Wi-Fi Adapter

Modular construction




GBTouch 24"

GBTouch 42"

Touch Technology IR / PCT / R IR
Display LED Full HD 16:9  LED Full HD 16:9 
Screen Size  24" 60 cm 42" 107 cm 
Resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
Brightness 250 cd/m2 (Standard)
300 cd/m2 (Plus)
350 cd/m2 (Standard)
500 cd/m2 (Plus)
Viewing Angle min. 150°/typ. 176° (Standard)
min. 160°/typ. 178° (Plus)
min. 150°/typ. 176° (Standard)
min. 160°/typ. 178° (Plus)

Constrast Ratio

 3000:1 3000:1 
Dimension (HxWxD) 38x60x8 cm  70x120x15 cm 
Weight 10 kg 35 kg 
Built-in Speakers 2x2 W  2x10 W 

PC Client

Processor PC 1) AMD GX-210HA (Dual Core 1.0 GHz/9 W) 
PC 2) AMD GX-217GA (Dual Core 1.65 GHz/15 W)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows™ Embedded Standard 7
Microsoft® Windows™ Embedded Professional 7
Memory PC 1) DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM 4 GB (max. 16 GB)
PC 2) DDR3 1333 / 1600 MHz SDRAM 4 GB (max. 16 GB)
HDD mSATA SSD 32, 64, 128 GB (possible expansion)
Graphics PC 1) AMD Radeon HD8210E, integrated on motherboard
PC 2) AMD Radeon HD8280E, integrated on motherboard
Audio HD Audio Realtek ALC 671, integrated on motherboard
I/O Ports 2x LAN RJ45, 4x USB 2.0, 2x RS-232, 2x PS2, Audio IN/OUT, DVI-I, DisplayPort

General Information

Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz

Nabízíme také v provedení s externím zdrojem umístěným mimo panel a napájením 24 V.
Power Consumption

Display: 24" 24 W (Standard), 36 W (Plus), 42" 75 W (Standard), 160 W (Plus)
PC client: 9 W (processor AMD GX-210HA), 15 W (processor GX-217GA)

Frame Color Black, Yellow, Turquoise, Red, Blue, Green, White
Mount Black, Yellow
Design All-metal cover
Manual control Touch button ON/OFF with LED indication
Mount VESA
Operating temp. 24" 0 °C to +50 °C (Standard), -20 °C to +50 °C (Plus)
42" 0 °C to +50 °C (Standard), 0 °C to +50 °C (Plus)


The initial incentive

We have come to the decision to produce our own industrial displays on the basis of our experience with the purchased displays, which were implemented into the key processes of our customers, with an operating schedule 7 x 24 and a guaranteed repair time of 24 hours at maximum. The period of guarantee repair of Asian products (if it is possible at all) can last for months and this is why it is necessary to have in reserve at least one spare part for each installed one. Regardless of other problems associated with the compatibility. Products of the renowned brands are for a larger number of customers, compared with the purchase prices of Asian products, unacceptable. We smashed this vicious circle by developing our own „display panel“, which was supposed to comply with several prerequisites:

  • Competitive price among Asian low-cost and global brand products
  • Maximum promptness of repair and spare parts availability
  • Variability in design and mounting options
  • Possibility of an installation of standard OS versions as well as Embedded ones
  • Possibility to display an industrial documentation
  • The possibility of integration of peripherals for an automatic identification

The result is an industrial touch screen/display GBTouch, which has been successfully installed into the operations of the leading domestic companies for three years. Several hundreds of devices are used by companies Siemens, Continental, Semperflex and others. Here everywhere with a guaranteed repair time up to 6 hours without any need of own service kit and hidden costs. For corporate customers the system Win 7 Embedded is installed, which enables, in case of need and owing to the system adjustment, to remove the computer from the domain security policy and thus significantly reduce the operating costs.

With GBTouch you will get "a turnkey project“ without any prospective functionality disputes. With a guaranteed service and for a significantly lower price than other similar solutions.


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