Production line of RFID labels

Contactless identification stands for a fast and comfortable solution, which is frequently used nowadays especially in the manufacture and warehousing. It has gradually been launched into other industrial branches as well. With the help of the identification many activities, which used to be very timeconsuming, can be carried out much faster. The RFID technology, in other words „the radio frequency identification“ even provides greater security and overview.

A significant assistant for easier operation monitoring

The technology of contactless identification has wider and wider spectrum of versatility. We are familiar with using it for attendance ID cards or access systems. But only the introduction of RFID technology into logistic processes has brought about a fundamental change. But what does the success lie in ? The greatest contribution seems to be the possibility to read (and store) the data contactlessly, even for the distance of several kilometres without a direct visibility.

The chief advantage of RFID tags, compared to the classical bar codes, is their visibility even through a container/cover or pocket. In this way hundreds of tags can be read at the same time. The only one number can be saved into the memory of RFID tags, which enables to follow the whole history of its movement. E.g. It is possible to trace the place of origin of a package with chopped meat, or the original provenance of pharmaceuticals.

The way how to efficiently raise the labour productivity

RFID systems have been lately applied especially in the manufacture and logistics. Contactless and automated reading of written data has its practical benefits. It enables to efficiently raise the labour productivity, which is the principal objective of almost all progressive and innovative processes nowadays. In this field the RFID systems are plenteously used also owing to the chain stores demands and requirements as well as the legislative pressure of the European Union.

RFID tag, which is an information medium, can be either in the form of a key pendant, plastic card, screw, small box or stick-on label. Self-adhesive paper label with a RFID code inside is called Smartlabel or „ a smart label“ and i tis possible to print it further.

The essential advantage of a „smart label“ is the possibility to get the information saved in a tag memory, to print it in a text form or in a bar code. Thus both identification technologies can be used parallelly, which seems to be quite practical especially when all parts of the logistic chain are not equipped with the technology of reading RFID. The cost price of a smart label with the RFID tag ranges from 2,- CZK, so they can, as the only medium, comply the requirement for profitability of use on individual products and disposable packing.

Smart labels are manufactured in Ostrava

GABEN company in Ostrava decided to make use of a great demand for these labels on the European market. At the beginning of the year 2011 launched a production line SMARTLABEL, which enables to manufacture „smart labels“ with an RFID tag practically in an arbitrary size. The first part of the production line is comprised of a laser die cutting machine, which uses a pair of lasers to cut out arbitrary size and shape of the label from an endless paper roll. Unlike the standard cutting the change in shape means only a software issue when the laser cutting is used. It is thus possible to keep a constant cost price of the label without reference to a different quantity.

In the other part of the production line an RFID tag with an aerial is subsequently precisely inserted into the cut labels. Each label is set with a unique number during the manufacture or it is printed with a permanent thermotransfer printing.

In the practise due to the combination of a laser die cutting and inserting of RFID tags into the self-sealing labels it is possible to find promptly an optimal solution and to minimize the warehouse stock. The customers can thus considerably reduce the costs on an implementation of RFID technology and start to use it efficiently as soon as possible.

The SMARTLABEL production line is unique in Europe for its abilities and stands for another advance of a Moravian-Silesian industry towards Hi-tech technologies. GABEN company produced more than 10 millions of smart labels in the year 2014.

Company owner Pavel Benda a CEO Jakub Unucka