Our vision

Since the very beginning we have placed emphasis on providing maximum technical support for all our equipment and it remains our philosophy today. This can be seen in the structure of our firm, where most of the employees are technicians. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all the equipment we deliver, as well as on-site service for key customers. We have been certified by the ISO 9001:2000 norm in the fields of commercial service, implementation of projects and systems for identification and service equipment.

Detailed technical requirements, particularly in the industrial sector, have led us to develop our own software and hardware products, sometimes in cooperation with our partners, to meet these demands. The most successful include the GBE automatic applicator and the GB200x stationary terminals for data collection. Our GABETI software for printing labels has enjoyed more than a thousand installations in a wide variety of products.

Our most dynamic product in the last few years has been the GBCLINE data collection system, which currently fulfills most of the standards of MESA International.

The systems we deliver consist of either an autonomous part of the company’s information infrastructure or is subordinated to the ERP system. The systems in which we have successfully implemented, sometimes in cooperation with our partners, include SAP R/3, K2, ESO, MFG PRO and BAAN. 

The future of company GABEN is in RFID business and services.

Gaben spol. s r.o. has enjoyed a wide range of success thanks to the spirit of cooperation among its employees and the support of their families.

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